I am thankful for all

I was born in 1971 from a Maasai family in Arusha Tanzania.
Between 1977 and 1982 as any other young Maasai boy, I was looking after cattle. In 1982 I was taken to primary school by the local government leader to comply with the policy which wanted every Tanzanian child of school age to go to school. I joined Oloirien Primary School. In school they used Swahili language which I did not understand by that time, I only knew Maa language. The language barrier made me uncomfortable at school. Three years later I learnt the language and liked school.

In 1988 I finished and passed primary school and I was elected to join government school for ordinary secondary education.  In 1990s the government was unable to provide full education support and hence the tuition fees were introduced.

My father was converted by Christian missionaries to Christianity and made him a Lutheran evangelist. His income was not enough to meet education expenses for his children.   I did the high school through Finnish missionary support (Rev. Sirkka Peltola) and I did my first degree studies from a Lutheran University (Tumaini University in Iringa) through American (Walsh family) support and Finnish support.

In 2000 I got a scholarship from Finnish Businessmen Mission Union (FBMU) to do my master’s degree in Information Technology at University of Joensuu. In 2012, I completed another master’s degree in Business and Economics from University of Eastern Finland. Through FBMU support, I am currently doing my Ph.D studies in Information Systems at Turku School of Economics.

Based on this education background, I am working as an IT International Consultant in Africa governments for projects funded by European Union, World Bank, African Development Bank, Government of Finland and other European governments.  I am thankful for all.

Ebenezer Gabriel Laizer

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